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We represent the review platform for college students that explores academic assistance services that offer essay help online. We go through the entire process as the customers and then analyze the results to provide you with an unbiased opinion. Adding a mixture of online reviews and analysis, we want to help you stay safe!

This project has been started by three English majors with an intention to provide students with fair and detailed reviews of various essay writing services online. Using our professional background and skills, we want to help people choose only those services that are safe to use.

We aim to help you make a final decision and avoid those services that are not safe to use. Turning to our trusted reviews of writing services and those companies that provide free or paid college essay samples, you can help rate a service, leave a comment, and learn more by reading our useful blog posts. Combining our user experience together, we can definitely make things safer for each other!

We provide only fair and honest reviews that are based on our experience and the testimonials that we have discovered online. We do not promote any writing services and our ratings are based on specific orders that we have tested based on several aspects like originality, grammar, quality, and timely delivery. We also listen to your feedback as we form our opinion.